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Frequently asked questions

We hope our FAQ section provides the answers you’re looking for. However please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a specific question about our carpet and upholstery services.

What locations do you cover?

We cater for customers in Ipswich and within 40 miles of Ipswich city centre. Popular locations include:


Check our Google radius map to see whether you’re in our area. After the map loads, we recommend zooming in using the plus symbol in the bottom right hand corner.


Can your cleaning products remove COVID-19?

Yes, our cleaners have completed a specialist training course to use a product called Envirosafe. Visit our COVID-19 page for more information.


Is it worth getting my carpets professionally cleaned?

Here are some of the benefits of getting your carpets professionally cleaned.

1. Creates a great first impression

Restoring carpets is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to lift the appearance of your whole home. Carpets connect your house together visually and make up a large part of each room so it’s worthwhile to keep them at their best. Especially as you see them every day.  

2. Adds value to your home

Carpet cleaning can be a great way of adding value to your home before selling or letting. Plus, it’s better-value than painting and decorating and involves less time and preparation. Handy if you’re working to a deadline.   

3. Supports your health and immune system

Deep cleaning removes harmful bacteria and allergens from your home which can help customers that live with allergies and health conditions. Your carpet acts in a similar way to a filter in an air conditioning unit and needs to be regularly cleaned out to improve the quality of the air you breathe. We also now offer a specific cleaning product that protects against the microbe that leads to COVID-19.

4. Keeps your carpet within its warranty

Regular cleaning can add 5 to 10 years to a carpet’s lifespan. Because of this, regular cleaning is an important part of keeping your carpet within its warranty. If you read the small print of your carpet’s warranty it’s highly likely there will be a reference about regular cleaning at least once a year. It’s important to remember, regularly cleaning your existing carpet is much cheaper than installing new. 


Renting a machine yourself vs. professional cleaning

Different carpets absorb cleaning solutions in different ways. This is important to understand as hiring the wrong machine and using the wrong solution yourself can cause long-lasting damage.  Today’s carpets are either made from a particular fibre or a blend of fibres and both require different approaches. The knowledge a professional carpet cleaner brings to the job can be invaluable when it comes to avoiding costly mistakes.

Many DIY machines you can rent from supermarkets and hardware stores can also be dirty, unhygienic and have broken or missing parts. The remains of pet hair from other households is a common complaint we hear about. A machine that’s been used in hundreds of other households does not go hand in hand with achieving hygienic results!    


How often should I have my carpet professionally cleaned?

Regular cleaning is important as soil left for too long can stain the fibres of your carpet making it almost impossible to remove. At least once a year is a good benchmark however having pets and children at home will require deeper and more frequent cleaning. Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpet cleaned every 6 to 12 months before traffic lines start to appear, not after. This advice is important to adhere to especially if your carpet is still within its warranty (normally 5-10 years from when it was installed). 


How can I get a quotation?

For the most accurate quotation we can:

Quotations are free and are offered with no obligation to go ahead. Unless we are particularly busy, we aim to come see you for a quotation within 24 hours of you first contacting us. Alternatively, and for more urgent requests e.g. spillages we can provide a rough quote with you over the phone / over email. 


How much does carpet cleaning cost?

The most accurate way for us to provide you with a quotation is for us to assess what needs to be cleaned in person. The below factors can influence the price we’ll quote:

Accessibility and parking

Professional carpet cleaning involves a good deal of equipment (vacuums, hoses, cleaning machines) all of which need to be carried to the job and back by hand. Ten trips back and forth to the van during a typical job isn’t unusual. Whilst we cater for all locations, a house with a driveway that provides easy access versus an apartment on the top floor without nearby parking will be priced slightly differently. 

Furnished vs. unfurnished rooms

Whilst we cater for all situations, cleaning an unfurnished room is quicker and more convenient for us than rooms that require moving and repositioning furniture. We’d appreciate it if you could move small to medium items of furniture (side tables, coffee tables, chairs) to other rooms before we arrive. 

Important to remember – It’s worth getting as many carpeted rooms cleaned at the same time as you can to achieve consistency throughout your home. Carpets connect a home together and it’s important for their condition to match up as you’re walking between rooms. We recommend cleaning every carpeted room in your home at the same time if you can afford to. 


Do I need to vacuum my carpet before it is professionally cleaned?

No, we can vacuum your carpets and / or upholstery when we arrive. We use SEBO vacuum cleaners that are made in Germany and designed for commercial use. They are more powerful than domestic vacuums and ensure your carpets and upholstery are as clean as possible before we start the cleaning process. We don’t charge extra for vacuuming – it’s part of our service. 


Thank you for your support

The difference between ‘before’ and ‘after’ can be significant and seeing the positive reactions from our customers first hand is always a great moment for us. Carpet cleaning can be physically demanding, and seeing our work being appreciated in person means a lot to us. We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our customers across Ipswich and Suffolk past and present. Thank you for choosing Modestra. 

– The Modestra team


We're proud of the five star reviews we receive from customers on a regular basis. Alongside the reviews which have been submitted to our website below, you can read reviews of our cleaning services on Google Reviews, Checkatrade and Facebook too.

This is the second time I have used this service. Really friendly and reliable. Reasonably priced. The results are amazing and my carpet looks brand new. Very pleased.

Faye Elizabeth

I've tried a handful of others to clean my white carpet (we have a pet) and none of them produced the results Modestra was able to produce. They bring out the big, industrial-type cleaning machine - not the commercial products you and I could get online. Seriously - these guys are amazing! Get a consultation and see for yourself!

Adham Morsi

Got in touch as carpets required cleaning at the end of our rental tenancy. Excellent service. Technician was extremely professional, completed the work in good time and most importantly carpet was spotless.

Nicholas Mann

Excellent and professional. His only priority was solving my problem and not about how to make money out of it. I am very satisfied with the outcome and would strongly recommend Modestra to family, friends or anyone else!

Carl Powell

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