How Does It Work?

Once you contact me on 01473 404 621, or [email protected]we will arrange a suitable time for me to come and inspect what you would like to  clean (I have to make sure that the carpets or upholstery won’t shrink, bleed colours etc.)

Then I would quote you an exact price, and what to expect.
If we agree on that (which we probably will, as many customers say I have very reasonable prices) we will pick a date and time for the cleaning.

If it is carpet cleaning, I will ask you to remove small items from the room, such as: children toys or vases.
I will deal with heavy furniture myself, by moving the furniture to one side of the room and
cleaning that side. I will then move it to the other side and clean the side that’s free.

I will also put everything back; leaving pads underneath furniture legs so they won’t absorb the moisture.

Carpets and upholstery usually dry in 3 hours; however, you can walk on it straight away.

If you are not happy with the cleaning results, then the cleaning is free-of-charge.

I believe people shouldn’t pay fees, if they don’t get what they wanted.

Thank you for reading,


Acknowledged Member of the Institute of
Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification