Revive your carpets, sofas and upholstery with quality cleaning services in Ipswich, Suffolk and surrounding areas. Call: 07851 820 323 or e-mail: [email protected].

Things to know:

  1. If you are not happy with our cleaning results – it is free.
  2. Our cleaning process is called Hot Water Extraction, or better known as Steam Cleaning.
  3. Our equipment is probably the best equipment used in today’s market.
  4. We offer eco-friendly cleaning.


Cleaning Process

  1. Inspection.
  2. High Filtration Vacuuming.
  3. Pre-treatment of Spots and Stains.
  4. Pre-spraying of Traffic Lane (Alkaline Product).
  5. Agitation with the Rotovac Appliance.
  6. Dwell Time.
  7. High Pressure Water Extraction Cleaning.
  8. Residue-free Rinsing.
  9. Drying.
  10. Everyone is Happy.


Essentially, our cleaning machines are likely the best machines available on the market, today. (Not to mention, all the carpet and upholstery cleaning certificates and diplomas I have collected over the years.)

We are located in Ipswich, Suffolk and can offer personalised services to suit your requirements. Services are also available to customers who are situated a little further away; in Bury St. Edmunds, Colchester and surrounding areas.

Get in touch with us to find out if we cover your area. See examples of our previous work here, or on our YouTube page.


Our Clients

We’ve had the good fortune of being involved with great companies and agencies (including hundreds of residential households) and we would love to add your name to the list.


Ready to revive your carpets, sofas and upholstery? Call: 07851 820 323 or email: [email protected] today.